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Residential Flagpole Installation

A Beautiful flagpole for your home is only a call away!

Residential flagpole Installation


Installing Residential Flagpoles Since 1965!

We can help you choose the right flagpole for your property. We have been installing residential flagpoles for over 55 years. We are uniquely qualified to assist you In choosing the correct flagpole for your property. There are a million options out there and it can be daunting to choose correctly. From flagpole height to butt diameter, finish coatings, internal vs external halyard, the choices are nearly limitless. Let us help you wade through it all by offering peace of mind, and no-nonsense advice to make sure you get exactly what you desire in a flagpole.

Residential Flagpoles That Last

We are often contracted by private homeowners who are tired of replacing cheap and unsightly sectional or telescoping flagpoles. Which more often than not do not last through the hurricanes we have here on the East Coast, or for that matter even most thunderstorms!

Even a great quality sectional flagpole does not come with any guaranteed wind load rating from the manufacturer. Their warranties exclude wind specifically. The manufacturer warranty for a sectional flagpole is limited to manufacturer defects. This results in homeowners replacing them many times. This results in a higher cost over time than it would have cost to just have a commercial-quality flagpole installed from the start.

Manufactured in the USA with Lifetime Warranties

Our flagpoles are manufactured in the United States to ANSI/NAAMM wind load requirements. We specifically choose the correct flagpole shaft for your home based on the published engineering charts for your area. This ensures that your flagpole will not come down due to weather. Even our lightest flagpole has over a 90 MPH wind load rating, and that's with it flying the flag!  We guarantee our flagpole shafts for life! 

How Does The Cost Compare To A Cheap Sectional?

Do they cost more? Yes! On average the cost of a commercial 20' or 25' flagpole is about four times the cost of a cheap sectional, including labor. This means if you replace a cheap sectional three or four times, you could have gotten a commercial flagpole. A commercial flagpole that is lifetime guaranteed. The value of a commercial flagpole cannot be understated.


Discounts for Veterans & Places of Worship

We offer a 5% discount for veterans and places of worship. Make sure you have a copy of your military ID or a copy of your DD-214 if you are a veteran to have your discount automatically applied to your invoice. Likewise, a 5% discount applies to any place of worship where we install a flagpole. There is another 5% discount available on top of this, ask us about it when we discuss your project!

Peace of Mind

If we install a commercial flagpole for your home, you can be sure it is going to outlive you and your children, and with proper maintenance, even your grandchildren!

If you are interested in a written proposal for a residential flagpole installation for your home, reach out to us today. We will go over your needs and provide a written proposal, price guaranteed for 90 days. We would love to assist you in your project, please feel free to reach out via our Contact Us page, or using the phone numbers in the footer of this website.